Top 10 Crazy Japanese Pornos

Well if you didn’t know already, the Japanese are insane. Take a look at this top 10 list of crazy Japanese porn videos and you will see why..

Well first up – this is called dick in a box, can you guess what its about? For some reason unknown to these young Japanese ladies this dude is standing on the street holding a box in front of him with a hole in it, and these pretty Japanese girls decide to see whats inside.. surprise surprise its a little asian dick.


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This crazy Japanese sex video is about sex go carts – The girls control the go carts and are driving around while getting dildo fucked, don’t ask me any more i don’t have a clue whats going on.. this be some crazy shit!


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Next up, this cute young Japanese girl is walking around Tokyo with a sex toy in her panties, she is masturbating while walking around and trying to keep a straight face as she cums her hot little pink panties in a restaurant somewhere and probably a bunch of other places too.


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This Japanese news reporter is having a hard time reading the news while dudes jack off onto her face, giving her a big cum facial live on air – Some standard Japanese news for sure..


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Now this is what i call service, a line of girls waiting eagerly to suck your dick. The Japanese are always getting big groups of hot girls to fuck and play around with, they truly have that roman thing going on.


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The Japanese have a thing for massive orgies and group sex, this video below was the record holder a few years ago for the biggest sex orgy, 100 amateur Japanese couples fucking together. I am sure a bigger one will be made soon!


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How about a blowjob with 100 cute asian girls? Here again the Japanese go to the extreme, having a whole big group of girls playing around with 1 or 2 dudes and taking turns playing with their cocks.


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Well this one is a bit fucked up, this chick is covered in what i hope is NOT cum, and plays with her tits and rubs herself down before giving a good blowjob with so much cum on her face its insane – If you like cum covered fucking or blowjobs perhaps you will like this one. Or perhaps not lol..


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Here is some fairly tame stuff for the Japanese, under water sex while scuba diving. Its still extreme but i don’t see any giant sex monsters or 50 litres of cum floating around anywhere, although i did not watch the full video so who knows..


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And last but certainly not least on our top 10 list of crazy Japanese porn videos.. Some dude is doing whatever he wants to these hot Japanese school girls, he is making them tug him off and suck his cock, they seem to ignore him or don’t want to do it – I don’t have a clue whats going on here its just wtf?


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